95 Site Rep Release Time
130 Step Advancement on 75%
143 National Board Certification
159 Jury Duty
163 IBPS
218 Teaching and Learning Cooperative
234 Compelling Personal Reasons Leave
261 Compensation for District TOSAs
285 Impact Teachers
287 Preschool Teacher Compensation
306 Salary Schedules Step 25
310 Culture of Shared Responsibility
337 Teacher hourly, special daily rate, stipend base
349 Compensation for teachers covering a classroom when no substitutes are available
353 Health and Welfare Benefits for Teachers Sharing a Contract
355 Elementary Site Professional Learning Leaders (PLLs)
362 Professional Learning Advisory Board (PLAB)
363 Peer Assistance and Review (PAR) and Poway Teacher Intervention Program (PTIP) 2000-2001 School Year (Updated 2010-2011)
372 Teacher Professional Learning and Effectiveness System
376 MOU Preschool ParentTeacher Conferences
393 Salary Placement of CTE Teachers that Earn a Single Subject Credential
401 Personal Necessity Leave for School Enrollment
405b Workload Improvement Plan for PUSD Elementary Level Resource Specialist Teachers
410 Sick Leave for PFT Unit Members Working Beyond the Contract Year
432 Donation of Sick Leave for Catastrophic Illness
448 Willie Brown
414 BCBA MOU for 2020-21 final
426 Conference MOU 2021-22
439 Career Technical (CTE) Robotics Stipend
451 KID MOU 2023-24

418 PFT-PUSD Reopening Agreements MOU
419 TK-5 Class Overages MOU Covid
439 Extension of Amendment 3-30-16 to 6-30-21 MOU Career Technical (CTE) Robotics Stipend
421 Evaluation Process for 2020-2021
423 Supplementary Retirement Program (SRP) MOU