PFT Member Benefits

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 What have teachers in PFT accomplished in the past 10 years

  • 26% in on-going salary increases, including a 5% on-going salary increase effective 7/1/23
    -   Additional cumulative salary enhancement of 5.5% on the first 2 steps of the salary schedule effective 7/1/23
    -   Addition of Step 26, which is a 3.5% increase over Step 25, effective 7/1/23
  •  A 2% 1-time payment (2017-2018) and a $1000 Covid 19 Thank You Bonus (2021-2022).
  • Reduction in work year with no decrease in pay-188-186 days between 2019 and 2021.
  • No increases in costs for the basic medical package for teachers and families for at least 16 years  
  • Supplemental Early Retirement Plan (SERP) in 2017-18: early retirement incentive of 80% of base salary; over 100 participants and another in 2020-21 with a 75% incentive and 90 participants.
  • Teacher Hourly Rate increase of 61.7% (from $28 to $45.28 as of 7/1/23) 
  • Special Daily Rate increase of 216.98% (from $100 to $316.98 as of 7/1/23) 
  • Stipend Base increase of 49.90% (from $29,504 to $44,219 as of 7/1/23) 
  • Incremental class size reductions during lean budget times 
  •  Increased compensation for teacher-driven professional learning through TLC program (prime salary schedule column increases from 1.5% to 3%) 
  •  Collaboration time for elementary teachers through X-Ploration Program 
  •  Opportunities for teacher leadership positions with additional compensation (RtI TOSAs, Professional Learning Leaders, TPLES Site Leaders, additional Professional Learning Advisory Board Representative, additional PPAP consultant…) 


Are there other benefits of membership?

  • Right to vote on collective bargaining agreement changes such as salary increases, work year, and health & welfare benefits
  • $1,000,000 occupational liability insurance policy, free of charge for the duration of your membership
  • $30,000 accidental death and dismemberment insurance policy, free of charge for the duration of your membership
  • Discounted movie tickets
  • Access to AFT PLUS, benefits available exclusively for AFT members including discounted insurances, legal fees, travel (including Southwest Airlines) and more!
  • Identity theft risk assessment
  • Access to scholarships (member and family)
  • California Federation of Teachers (CFT) Staff Assistance – Employment Issues
  • Right to hold a PFT office
  • Right to vote for PFT officers
  • Right to participate in setting Federation policy
  • A $5,000 life insurance policy, free of charge during the first year of your membership

Are there any other reasons I should join?
You will be adding your name and support to over 9 out of 10 of your colleagues who belong to and support our efforts in your PFT. Collectively contributing to PFT through our dues allows us to have enough resources to negotiate good contracts, enforce the contract, represent teachers, and provide a high level of service. 



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 Discounts & Shopping
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- Magazines
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  Education & Learning
- Free College
- Google Educator Certification
- Rosetta Stone Language Learning Group
- Scholarships & more 
  Finance & Legal
- Credit and Budget Counseling
- Credt Card
- Identity Theft Protection
- Legal Services & more 
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- Auto & Home Insurance

- Disability Income
- Term Life & Senior Term Life
- Pet Insurance & more
  Mortgage & Home Services
- Truck Rental By Budget

- Mortgage Programs
- Moving Van Discount
- Home Security & more
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