What is the role of Poway Federation of Teachers?

PFT is the exclusive representative of the certificated staff of the Poway Unified School District, with a membership of over 1600 district teachers.

What statewide and national union is PFT affiliated with?

  • American Federation of Teachers (AFT)
  • California Federation of Teachers (CFT)
  • San Diego and Imperial Counties Labor Council

What are PFT's primary responsibilities?

  • Negotiate and enforce the contract
  • Represent the membership in all matters related to work
  • Answer job-related questions and assist in any job-related matter
  • Promote public education
  • Promote the growth of our profession
  • Work politically through COPE to elect pro-public education, pro-union candidates. COPE, or the Committee on Political Education is, by law, a separate entity within PFT devoted to supporting candidates who support public education and who otherwise favor our positions on a variety of work-related issues. You can sign up for COPE through payroll deductions using a form supplied by your PFT. You can also make a contribution by check or cash. The suggested contribution is $1, $3, $5, $7 or $9 per payroll check.
  • Work with the community to ensure our schools are as good as they can be.


How do I get in contact with PFT?

  • Visit the PFT office at:
    13475 Danielson Street, Suite 190
    Poway, CA 92064
    Phone (858) 674-2800

What is the leadership structure of the PFT?

All policy is set according to the PFT Constitution (click here) and Bylaws (click here). The PFT Executive Council, served by 7 members, meets every Monday from 4:00 – 6:00. Members include: The PFT President, (elected every two years), Treasurer, Secretary, SPED VP, High School VP, Middle School VP, and Elementary School VP (elected annually). The Executive Council may suggest and formulate PFT policy, subject to confirmation by the PFT Representative Council. All elected PFT Building Reps are invited to attend weekly Executive Board Meetings.

Serving as a direct link between the union office and the membership are elected PFT Building Representatives from every school in PUSD. PFT Building Reps are elected each year to service the members at each school site and act as the liaisons between the union office and our membership. Representative Council meetings are attended by the PFT Building Reps and the Executive Board and PFT Staff, and are held on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 4:00 PM at the PFT Office. All teachers are welcome to attend as well.

How do you join?

Although your benefits and rights begin generally when you do, you are not officially a union member until you sign a membership application card. Signing the card and giving it to your Building Rep ensures membership, the right to vote in union elections, and member benefits from AFT, which include professional and personal resources, discounts, and most importantly, a $1 million occupational liability insurance policy.

How can I get involved in the union?

We invite you to get involved in the union by attending a Rep Council Meeting (3rd Wednesday of each month from 4-6 p.m.), running for elected PFT positions: Executive Council, Site Representative Council, and Special Education Unit Building Committee (SPED UBC), or you can interview to be a teacher rep on the Professional Development Advisory Board (PDAB), or our Poway Professional Assistance Program Governing Board (PPAP). Please feel free to stop by or call our office for more information (858)674-2800.

I have a question about the contract, my rights, or the like. Whom do I call?

Before you call, ask your local Building Representative. He or she represents the union in your school and has generally had experience in many of the matters that affect each of us. For the name of your site building rep, please contact PFT at 858-674-2800.

If your Building Rep cannot help you, they will seek information from the PFT Vice President for their level (Elementary, Middle, High School, or SPED).

Click here for VP's names and contact info

PFT Staff Members are always willing to help as well. Although each of us has individual responsibilities, we all routinely pinch hit for each other and are reasonably familiar with all aspects of the union’s work. In other words, if you need an immediate answer - we ought to be to help you right away even if the appropriate person is not in the office at that time. In any case, leave a message or email one of us and you will get a quick return call.

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What types of questions do people ask?

The range of questions is enormous. A couple of typical questions might be: Am I on the right salary step? What do I do if I have an overcrowded class? Which health insurance is best? How and when can I transfer? Which political candidates does the union support?

Some questions are difficult to answer or require research. Others require referral to another person. No question is silly. Ask away.

Can I visit the office?

Yes. But if you are looking to speak with a particular PFT staff person, you should call in advance to schedule an appointment. You can also call (or email) the office.

Poway Federation of Teachers (PFT)
11031 Via Frontera, Ste. A
San Diego, CA 92128

(858) 674-2800

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