Mental Health - EASE
   Serving School Districts in San Diego County

Employee Assistance Service for Education (EASE) provides Employee Assistance Services to school and college districts throughout San Diego County as well as the County Office of Education. Offices located in various parts of the County facilitate access by employees irrespective of where they work and live.

Full and part time employees as well as their family members are eligible for EASE services so long as their school district contracts with the program. The EASE counselor, licensed by the State of California as a marriage and family counselor or social worker will provide up to six counseling and problem solving services per occurence as well as appropriate referrals to community resources.

An important function of employee assistance is supervisory consultation. When a supervisor is unsure as to the best response to a problem or series of problems arising from one or more of his/her employees, consultation with a trained professional listener can be invaluable. Supervisors call and discuss a wide range of concerns including deterioration in performance, changes in attitude and appearance, absenteeism and tardiness, and an increase in accidents.

All meetings and consultations with EASE counselors are strictly confidential, in accordance with the law and sound ethical practice. The only exceptions to confidentiality are those mandated by California law such as child abuse reporting or danger warnings.

Other Employee Assistance services include telephone referrals for legal and financial problems and training programs at the request of school districts. In addition, EASE distributes four quarterly newsletters annually to each employee of every contracting school district.

For more information please call EASE   (800) 722-EASE.