Poway Professional Assistance Program (PPAP)
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(A prerequisite for all PFT positions is full dues paying membership in PFT)


Job Description: Poway Professional Assistance Program (PPAP) Governance Board

Job Title: Teacher Representative on PPAP Governance Board

Reports To: PFT President

Compensation: Teacher Leadership Schedule III and time for meetings

Term: 3 years opportunity to re-apply after three years

Job Summary:
PPAP Governance Board Members review, evaluate, and make suggestions for supporting decisions on teacher’s employment in the District. In addition, PPAP Teacher Governance Board Members work directly with the PPAP Program Coordinator and District PPAP Governance Board Members to direct the work of the PPAP Consultants.

Essential Duties and Requirements

  • Attends all PPAP Governance Board Member meetings, generally held during the school day and into the evening. PPAP Governance Board meets 8-9 times during the year lasting 3-4 hours each, or as needed, and one 2-4 hour meeting after the end of the school year
  • Reads, reviews, and tracks sensitive teacher materials prior to Governance Board meetings
  • Remains confidential


Education / Experience

  • California Teaching Credential
  • Tenure with Poway Unified School District
  • Five years teaching experience with Poway Unified School DIstrict
  • PFT member in good standing
  • Breadth of teaching experience is desirable but not required
  • Respected by peers with a demonstrated history of leadership skills

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  • Sound grasp of the PUSD Teaching Continuum Standards, curriculum, assessment, and instructional strategies
  • Represent the highest standards of the profession and possess a strong educational philosophy
  • Exceptional interpersonal skills with the ability to earn the confidence and respect of teachers and District personnel
  • Ability to remain confidential
  • Ability to listen and attend to the teacher and administrative voice while providing honest and open feedback

If selected, participation in the following training experiences is expected: shadow a PPAP Teacher Consultant; attend a PPAP Governance Board meeting; participate in one or all of the following: Situational Leadership, Cognitive Coaching, District Standards Evaluation Writing, Styles, and Diversity.

Interpersonal Skills

Most importantly, the PPAP Governance Board Member must possess a strong educational philosophy with a solid understanding of instruction, curriculum, planning, and assessment. The Board member must have the ability to examine and evaluate a variety of teaching styles as effective or not, using the PUSD Continuum of Teaching Standards. Strong communication skills are required.

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