JOB DESCRIPTION:Professional Development Advisory Board

(A Prerequisite for all PFT positions is full dues paying membership in PFT)



Job Title: Teacher Representative to Professional Development Advisory Board (PDAB) and Teaching and Learning Cooperative (TLC)

Reports To: PDAB Board and PFT

Salary: Salary schedule teacher leadership IV

Job Summary: To oversee and coordinate efforts and make recommendations concerning professional development in PUSD; to be “first reader” for TLC proposals; to be an active liaison for teachers in the area of TLC; to conduct outreach/informational meetings with teachers across the district and encourage participation in the TLC program.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Attend all meetings of the PDAB
  • Attend any meetings of subgroups of the PDAB
  • Read all TLC proposals, provide feedback of teachers
  • Attend one meeting of each TLC approved at their level
  • Be facilitator for individual TLCs at their level; write action plan with participant
  • Be proactive in teacher communication
  • Constantly and consistently communicate with teachers about their TLC proposals
  • Aid teachers with rewrites of TLC proposals
  • Conduct an outreach program to describe TLC and encourage teachers to write proposals
  • Gain knowledge of district wide efforts in Professional Development
  • Conduct 2 training sessions each year giving TLC information
  • Attend 1 "How to Write a TLC" class given at PFT each year
  • Coordinate the successful implementation of a high quality professional development program at the district and the site levels
  • Additional work will arise, depending on additional needs


Education / Experience:

  • California Teaching Credential
  • Tenure with Poway Unified School District
  • Five years teaching experience with Poway Unified School District

Experience in leadership roles and breadth of teaching experience is desirable but not required.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  • Representatives must possess exceptional interpersonal skills with the ability to earn the confidence and respect of teachers and a wide range of District personnel
  • Ability to listen, facilitate growth, and reflection, and attend to the teacher while providing honest and open feedback
  • Highly organized
  • Strong Initiative, and able to work autonomously with little supervision
  • Possess problem solving skills and the ability to identify possible solutions
  • Reflective and demonstrative flexibility with a strong desire to learn and accept new challenges
  • Excellent writing and grammar skills, as well as verbal skills, are required for written communication with teachers

Interpersonal Skills

Most importantly, the TLC/PDAB representative must possess the interpersonal skills needed to get along and communicate with others.  To be effective, there are also specific consulting skills needed.  Good interpersonal skills require the ability to listen but specific knowledge/skills are needed to direct and/or redirect the TLC writing which a teacher is doing/has done when necessary.  

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