Position: PFT Site Representative

(A Prerequisite for All PFT positions is full dues paying membership in PFT)


 Site Representatives shall serve as the representative of PFT at the site at which they are employed.  They shall serve as a liaison between the Members employed at the site and the PFT.  Where there is more than one Site Representative for a site, they shall be co-equal in authority but they shall select their own Chair to facilitate liaison between the PFT and site administration.

RESPONSIBILITIES as per PFT Constitution:

  •  9.1-The Representative Council comprises the PFT Elected and Appointive Officers, Site Representatives, and Chairs of Standing Committees appointed as provided by the By-Laws.
  •  9.2-The Representative Council shall establish PFT policy to be administered by the Executive Council.
  •  9.3-The Representative Council adopts the annual budget of the PFT.
  •  9.4-All matters within the jurisdiction of the Representative Council, except those matters with legal or personnel implications, shall be considered and acted upon only in a meeting of the  Representative Council which is open to attendance by any Member.


  • Attend monthly meetings of the Rep Council
  • Conduct PFT elections at their sites
  • Communicate with members at their sites distributing PFT information as needed
  • Schedule and hold PFT meetings as needed
  • Solicit input on issues from site staff


SITE SELECTION as per PFT Constitution:

  •  7.1-Site Representatives shall be elected at each site within the District at which Members are employed.  Members employed at each site shall elect by secret ballot, in the manner described in the By-Laws, one Site Representative, who shall be a Member employed at the site, for each twenty-five Members employed at the site, or a major fraction of such number of Members.
  •  7.2-Site Representatives shall be elected for a one-year term.


There is no monetary compensation for the position of site rep. PFT Site Reps are given two movie tickets for their attendance to each monthly PFT Rep Council meeting.

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