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(A Prerequisite for All PFT positions is full dues paying membership in PFT)

JOB DESCRIPTION:  PFT Interest Based Problem Solving (IBPS) Team

JOB TITLE: Teacher Representative on IBPS Team

 REPORTS TO: PFT President      COMPENSATION: Release Time     TERM: 3 yrs with no term limit

To assist and participate in the Poway Federation of Teachers collective bargaining process with the Poway Unified School District’s negotiation team.  Teacher representative(s) will become familiar with PUSD Budget documents and common school finance terms. Teacher representatives are expected to bring their classroom/grade-level expertise to the discussion.

• Attend all pre-meeting dates, to be held after school and/or occasional Saturdays. Pre-meetings are generally 2 hrs 4 - 6 times/year.
• Attend all IBPS meetings, 4 -6 times/year or as needed. IBPS meetings are during the school day from 9:00 – 4:00 pm.
• Review and track PUSD Budget documents throughout the school year.


• California Teaching Credential
• Tenure with Poway Unified School District
• Five years teaching experience with Poway Unified School District
• PFT Member in good standing
• Demonstrated history of team building and leadership skills

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
• Representatives must possess exceptional interpersonal skills with the ability to earn the confidence and respect of teachers and District personnel 
• Effective speaking and communication skills
• Confidentiality required
• Ability to listen and attend to the teacher voice while providing honest and open feedback 
• Possess problem solving skills while exhibiting judgment and realistic understanding of issues and the ability to identify possible solutions
• Demonstrate motivation and flexibility with a strong desire to learn and accept new challenges
• Ability to approach a problem while considering many viewpoints
• Finance experience desirable but not required

Interpersonal Skills: 
Most importantly, the representative must possess the interpersonal skills needed to listen and communicate with others. Representative must maintain a professional maturity with a problem-solving attitude while dealing with interpersonal conflict, or time demands. Good interpersonal skills require the ability to listen to all viewpoints and a passion to communicate and represent the teacher interest with strength and clarity while respecting the views of others.

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